Comprehensive risk

We assist investment managers and company boards in planning for investments in Emerging Europe, providing intelligence on political and regulatory risks.

We have deep and broad experience in the collection of political and regulatory intelligence and the provision of analysis for board decisions on investments in new and opaque markets. Maximising the action value of our findings guides our work from beginning to end.

An extensive track record collecting political and regulatory intelligence for corporate clients has equipped us with a strong network of sources in Emerging Europe governments and a large set of lessons to incorporate into every new case.

In addition to collecting intelligence and providing analysis, we provide advice to help clients build successful strategies to manage and mitigate political and regulatory risk.


Conducted a comprehensive assessment of political and regulatory risks associated with specific banks in several Eastern European countries for a multilateral investment bank

Assessed political and regulatory risks associated with the acquisition of a Central European energy trader in several Emerging Europe markets for a European oil & gas major

Provided a detailed assessment of current and future changes in banking regulation and the government’s relationship with foreign-owned banks in an Emerging Europe market for a large US asset management company planning a bank acquisition in the country


The political environment of investments in Emerging Europe changes dynamically and often suddenly. We provide investment managers and company boards with a continuous flow of intelligence on the political and regulatory risks facing investments in the region, helping them to foresee and successfully manage emerging risks.


Provide intelligence on fiscal and monetary policy, EU funding in Romania, Hungary, and Poland to a European asset management client in the form of weekly and ad-hoc briefings


Provide a continuous feed of intelligence on fiscal and monetary policy in Romania and Ukraine to US asset management client in the form of weekly briefings


Assess national- and local-level political and regulatory risks affecting energy investments in three south-east European countries for a European infrastructure fund in the form of monthly briefings



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