Locally embedded, globally aware

Millennium adds first-hand knowledge of the personalities, the motivations, the strengths and weaknesses of local decision-makers to an understanding of regional and global trends to provide a full picture of investment viability. Instead of drawing local-level conclusions from regional-level observations, we insert local intelligence into regional and global context.

Peerless source network

Millennium’s analysis is grounded in the insight of the leaders whose decisions make or break investments. Developed over years in the private intelligence industry, Millennium’s network spans the local and national levels, and the leaders of tomorrow alongside those of today.

Granular focus,
tailored intelligence

Millennium’s analysis is grounded in granular, locally sourced ‘soft’ intelligence. We aim to shed light on the things data does not tell you. Built from the bottom up for each project, our approach and methodology responds to our clients’ specific needs, contributing to a fuller, more accurate picture of their risk exposure.


Millennium is a vertically integrated intelligence provider supporting clients with intelligence and investigative services across the spectrum of their needs, from quick-turnaround integrity due diligence assignments to narrowly targeted, sensitive strategic and political requirements. In our work, we rely on state-of-the-art investigative technology, proprietary human intelligence capabilities in a number of jurisdictions, and ample experience in complex field operations.

Political & regulatory risk intelligence

Strategic intelligence and investigations,
disputes, and contentious situations

Asset tracing and recovery

Integrity due diligence

ESG intelligence & due diligence



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