A selection of our recent work

A European infrastructure fund client takes long political risk through energy investments in three South-East European countries. Millennium continuously collects and analyses intelligence on regulatory moves in the space and conducts targeted research to anticipate changes. Client receives monthly risk assessments and scenario plans, based on carefully collected and analysed intelligence from the central and local governments. Millennium’s intelligence has demonstrably helped the client anticipate and mitigate downside risk.

Working for a strategic communications firm, our investigators uncovered unreported, complex, high-level corruption in Asia, and presented easily digestible narrative summaries, setting out the evidence in forensic detail for distribution to journalists.

A financial services client with extensive interests in Ukraine is concerned about security risks emanating from the ongoing conflict in the country, and about the effects of a potential escalation there on its interests country-wide. Building on a continuous flow of intelligence from the ground, Millennium continuously analyses and assesses the client’s risk exposure. The client receives a monthly update on risk levels based on a composite of local, regional, and global variables, and input towards risk mitigation.

Providing day-to-day investigative research support to a team of lawyers, we could respond immediately to any new ideas inspired by our most recent findings, always shifting the focus of our research where it could provide most value. In this way, what began as the tracing of recoverable assets in one country, over time evolved into the collection of intelligence in another, ultimately to the advantage of the client in out-of-court settlement negotiations.

A banking client was planning a major acquisition in a Balkan market. As part of its pre-M&A due diligence, it wished to better understand the key stakeholders and movements in the target market’s banking sector. Millennium built on its established network in the target country to deliver well-rounded profiles of key stakeholders, their personalities and objectives. We devised an engagement strategy for government stakeholders and another for private sector stakeholders, suited to our client’s commercial objectives in the market.

An energy distribution client present in several Central European and Balkans markets was exposed to changes in governmental attitudes to new players on the markets and changes in regulation including price setting and environmental rules. Relying on local access, Millennium provides a bimonthly update on the high-level political environment of the client’s operation in the country and on regulatory risk and opportunity.

Conducting enhanced due diligence on a bank on behalf of one of its stakeholders, our team uncovered a dark web forum where an organised criminal group sold false identities with full access to bank accounts with the bank in question. We opened an anonymous line of communication with the group and handed the matter over to our client.